About Us

Staheli Trenchless Consultants (STC), formerly part of Bennett-Staheli Engineers, is a specialty engineering firm that focuses on trenchless consulting services including feasibility studies, geotechnical investigations, full design and bid services, as well as construction management and inspection services. The firm’s principle engineer Kim Staheli is a recognized leader in the trenchless engineering community, and has worked closely with many of the foremost authorities in the field, including Dave Bennett with whom she co-founded Bennett-Staheli Engineers in 1995. Staheli Trenchless Consultants and Bennett Trenchless Engineers became stand-alone firms in 2007 as the result of a mutual business decision between the co-owners of Bennett-Staheli. The two firms continue to work closely on several projects in both California and Washington State.

STC provides numerous services for projects which include standard tunneling, microtunneling, horizontal directional drilling, auger boring, pipe ramming, pipe bursting, and in-place rehabilitation such as sliplining. Feasibility studies include evaluation of geotechnical data and site conditions, recommended methods, and construction feasibility, which are used in developing a full design report.

Design services include plan review and modification, authoring technical specifications for construction, geotechnical baseline reports, project schedules, and engineer’s cost estimates prior to bid. STC does not provide plan drafting services but will provide input and specifications for AutoCAD drawings as well as drawing review and redlining following drafting.

STC also provides design review services. The firm has participated in design reviews for a third party by serving on value engineering panels for a number of trenchless projects at various levels of design ranging from 30% to 90% completion. When participating in value engineering, STC focuses on modifications to trenchless project design which will both minimize overall construction risk and cost.

Construction management services include both pre-bid and post-construction services. Pre-bidding services include developing and evaluating pre-qualification packages as well as quality assurance of bidding contractors (i.e. ensuring bidding contractors have an appropriate level of experience to match the complexity of the project).

Post-construction services include contractor claim evaluation to determine claim validity, expert witness testimony and counseling following claims. Construction services also include full-time on-site construction management to track contractor performance, verify that projects meet specifications, and minimize risk during construction.